Employers / Agencies

Employers and Agencies play a role in assisting and expanding the employment prospects for Manitobans with disabilities. Join us, at the employABILITY EXPO as an Exhibitor, a Keynote attendee, Panel attendee, and/or a visitor to our Virtual Exhibit Hall. Be certain that your company is represented!

Too many Manitobans with disabilities are unable to secure the jobs that will enable them to apply their talents, become productive in the workforce, make a decent living, and actually achieve the dreams that they hold for themselves and their families.

The employABILITY EXPO is an opportunity for proactive companies to make a statement about their commitment to inclusiveness AND an opportunity to support more people with disabilities to effectively participate in Manitoba's workforce and its economic prosperity.

There are many different ways for your company or your agency to participate and we welcome your engagement at any and all levels.

Be a Virtual Exhibitor

The heart of the employABILITY EXPO is an exciting array of companies and organizations who will have Virtual Exhibition Booths in our online expo hall. It will be a lively mix of companies and organizations who will be displaying an abundance of services, information, programs and opportunities that can assist attendees to be more successful in their career exploration and/or job search efforts.

As an employer, your Exhibit will have many benefits, including:

  • Making a strong statement about your commitment to having an inclusive workplace and being "disability friendly".
  • Connecting with candidates for current job openings, internships, summer hires, work experience or volunteer positions.
  • Informing attendees about future career opportunities with your company or in your industry.

As an agency, your Exhibit will allow visitors the opportunity to see what services you offer to help them become an inclusive employer.

For more detail, please see our Exhibitors Information page.

Go to our registration page to book your booth space for the 2021 employABILITY EXPO. Book today as there are only 20 Virtual Booth spaces available!

Join us for Keynote & Panel

You can plan to come on your own, or with co-workers and other interested agencies. Join us for our Virtual Expo & Keynote.

You'll be educated and informed through a lively discussion and Q&A session with local representation from industry and business, as well as a pesentation from the Manitoba Accessibility Office.

Attend the EXPO

Above all else, plan to spend time at the EXPO itself! Touring the Virtual Exhibits will expose you to a lot of great resources – from the latest accommodation technologies to the services and programs of agencies that can assist you to recruit and retain great employees.